Pasel Kuenzel house V23K16 Leiden, the Netherlands

Marcel van der Burg,

Leiden, Netherlands,

Residences, Sport & Wellness,

This residential project has won Pasel Kuenzel Architects a prize for prototype urban homes. The house built in historic central Leiden is the result of a new law allowing the Dutch people to build 30% of all new homes.

Pasel Kuenzel house V23K16 Leiden, the Netherlands

Architects Pasel and Kuenzel built a number of homes in Leiden in the Netherlands, all different and all built above public garages. House V23K16 takes into account two of the basic needs of city homes: light and space. The structure is divided into two parts, easily recognisable due to the differences in the materials used on the facades: the first, larger part contains the bedrooms and living room, lit up by strong>sunlight through the tall windows in their walls. The second part is long and narrow and contains service areas: the bathrooms, the kitchen, the utility room and the stairway. The roof is not flat but slightly inclined to let more light into the bedrooms and allow people to watch the stars while sheltering the rooftop garden from the view of neighbours and people on the street.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Pasel Kuenzel Architects
Photographs: Marcel van der Burg
Location: Leiden, the Netherlands


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