Pasel Kuenzel home V21K01 The Netherlands

Marcel van der Burg,

Leiden, Netherlands,

Residences, Sport & Wellness, University,

A private home designed by Pasel Kuenzel Architects stands on the outskirts of the old town of Leiden, offering a new interpretation of the classic nineteenth-century Dutch home.

Pasel Kuenzel home V21K01 The Netherlands

Architects Pasel and Kuenzel reinterpret the tradition of the typical nineteenth-century Dutch home in this new project, which they ironically call Another house. The home stands in the immediate vicinity of the old town centre of Leiden, one of Holland’s oldest university towns. The facade is covered with galvanised slate black panels, a contemporary version of the nearby brick houses which does not neglect the scale and human labour of its historic ancestors.The building has a different relationship with the exterior, the ground floor consisting of a series of rooms (bedrooms and bathrooms) does not have large openings but is closed-in and intimate. The first floor, on the other hand, is completely transparent to the outside with glass from floor to ceiling. It is this level of the living area which, visually bounded by the walls of the houses around it, sets the house in a direct relationship with its surroundings. The roof, a flat terrace, concludes the building with an unusual view of the towers and windmills in the old town centre of Leiden.
(by Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Pasel Kuenzel Architects
Photographs: Marcel van der Burg
Location: Leiden, The Netherlands


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