Parodi Quay, Genoa, 2001

Un Studio,



Project: international "Parodi Quay and the city of Genoa" competition (1st prize)
Location: Old Harbour, Genoa, Italy
Architects: UN Studio: Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos
Partners: Astrid Piber, Nuno Almeida, Peter Trummer, Tobias Wallisser, Cristina Bolis, Ergian Alberg, Olga Vazquez-Ruano, George Young, Jorge Pereira, Mónica Pacheco, Stephan Miller, Tanja Koch, Ton van den Berg
Structural consulting services: Arup & Partners, Grootint bv.
Client: Porto Antico di Genova
Project date: 2001
Site surface area: 23,000 m2
Gross surface area: 80,000 m2
Volume: 160,000

Parodi Quay, Genoa, 2001 The quay is covered with a undulated profile and conceived as a park with gently rolling meadows, playing fields and beaches converging on a central piazza facing the sea, where the ferries dock. The structure's unusual diamond shape permits organisation of circulation on various levels, allowing light to penetrate right into its depths and offering beautiful views of the old town centre and the sea.
A floating gangway joins Parodi Quay to the nearby Magazzini Generali, creating a ring linking the various attractions in the port and emphasising the role of the "piazza on the Mediterranean" as the driving force behind the entire waterfront system.

Flores Zanchi


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