Palmach History Museum, Tel Aviv

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It is very hard to find buildings of significance for contemporary architecture in Tel Aviv, with the exception of Botta¿s Synagogue on the university campus and Bracha and Chyutin¿s Culture House.

Palmach History Museum, Tel Aviv After its inauguration, the complex became a centre commemorating Palmach, clandestine Jewish organisation which fought British dominion over Palestine, participated in the wars of independence and was incorporated into the Israeli army in 1948.
The architectural style of the work is intended to express Palmach?s link with the country and with the history of the birth of today?s state of Israel.

The building is built to the plan of a star of David, broken up by three crossed swords, the symbol of Palmach.

It is obvious that the layout of the plan does not originate in a design, but in the topography of the place; the concept of architecture as landscape plays a central role in the design of the museum. A stand of eucalyptus and pine which grew in the middle of the site on which the museum was built has become an integral part of the museum. And a group of cement walls partially covered with kurkar (a local sandstone with thin layers) surrounds a small rise, bordered by a pine grove.

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