Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey

Renzo Piano,

New York, USA, London, USA,

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On April 2 Morgan Library & Museum inaugurated an exhibition focusing on Andrea Palladio due to continue until August 1 2010, heralded as one of the key events in the New York cultural season.

Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey

The premises of the Morgan Library & Museum in New York, renovated by Renzo Piano in 2006, will host an exhibition entitled Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey promoted by the Royal Institute of British Architects in London (RIBA) and held in collaboration with Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio in Vicenza (CISAAP). Co-curator Irena Murray explains that the exhibition focuses on Palladio the architect, demonstrating how the "genetic code" of American architecture can be traced back to the great Italian architect. The exhibition presents 31 splendid new Palladio drawings, original books from the British Architectural Library and architectural models built for the occasion to illustrate Palladianism in Britain and, above all, in America, with a particular focus on the work of Thomas Jefferson.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition: Palladio and his legacy: a transatlantic journey
Dates: April 2 – August 1 2010
Pictures: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections:
(1) Andrea Palladio, Measured drawing of the Arch of Jupiter Ammon, Verona, ca. 1540
(2) Andrea Palladio, Design for the Villa Repeta at Campiglia, ca. 1560s,
(3) Frontispiece to Andrea Palladio’s I Quatro libri dell’architettura, 1570
(4) Andrea Palladio, Conjectural reconstruction of the Baths of Diocletian, Rome, 1540s
Model by Timothy Richards, Bath, England:
(5) Plaster model of Monticello
(6) Plaster model of Villa Rotunda
Location: Morgan Library & Museum New York, USA


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