Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello, Italy

Oscar Niemeyer,

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The opening of the Auditorium in Ravello designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer was celebrated with three days of events: music, dance and cinema, as well as two conventions and an exhibition about the works of the Brazilian architect, who is now more than a hundred years old.

Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello, Italy

Oscar Niemeyer presented the plans for the auditorium in Ravello that now bears his name in 2000, but before the opening on January 29 2010 ten years went by, during which the project’s supporters and detractors argued and presented petitions and claims in court.

The work fits into the natural slope of the Amalfi coast: the seats for the audience were created exploiting the natural shape of the land, while the stage and the foyer jut out into the void; as Niemeyer himself explains:
"I really didn’t want to build an expensive project that would require unnecessary earthmoving and so decided to build the parterre exactly according to the existing slope."

The architect also designed the oblong plaza linking the auditorium with the roads around it, providing passersby with a complete view of the structure as well as the stupendous coastline views. The natural environment around it penetrates inside the building thanks to the big window at the entrance and another window behind the orchestra. The auditorium’s concave shape is like that of the body of a mandolin, ensuring perfect acoustics.
(by Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Oscar Niemeyer
Photographs: bbphotos.it
Location: Ravello (SA), Italy


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