Open Bank. Innsbruk. Peter Lorenz. 2001

Peter Lorenz,

Innsbruck, Austria,



The Schoellerbank, in a old palace in central Innsbruk, is an example of how architecture with clean, simple lines can successfully interact with its historic setting.

Open Bank. Innsbruk. Peter Lorenz. 2001 For example, the little "gallery" leading to the stairway and offices is made of blue glass, as are the dividing elements in the waiting room. Even the elevator is made of glass, and the colour blue, identified with the company's image, reappears in the dividing walls on the upper floor. The clean look of the glass is balanced by the warmth of natural wood flooring. The same logic is used on the outside of the building, preserving the original look of the historical façade but adding a series of large glass panels bearing the bank's name and logo.
The Schoellerbank is now a modern, functional building which manages to preserve the full flavour of a historic building in a historic location. The elegance and sobriety of its interior are clearly stated on the outside of the building.

Laura Della Badia

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