Opel dealership



FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

Location: Genoa Campi
Designer: Arch. Enrico Rosselli
Construction: 2001-2003
Materials: Iris Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti
Client: Opel - Di Marco Service Data
Project: 1998
Assistant: Paolo Lorenzoni
Structures: Eng. E.Longo
Lot size: 4800 m2
Covered area: 3300 m2
Built volume: 14190 m3
Builders: PDR De Rege S.p.A.

Opel dealership This not only achieved his primary goal but also made it easy to read the building's functions and make its commercial parts attractive to visitors.
The exterior is a pleasing combination of volumes: one wing is a thin parallelepiped rising two storeys above the ground and leaving the part beneath it empty, filled by a volume with a round base which constitutes the dealership's main showroom.
The choice of materials was very important, both in the building's outer skin and in its interior finishes, which share a single theme: the materials had to contribute to the building's high-tech image while meeting performance requirements.
The choice of materials for indoor flooring was particularly difficult: the 1300 square metre ground floor accessible from the street houses both the car showroom and office areas.
Flooring material had to be white, shiny and come in a large format.
These requirements would not have been a problem, if it were not for the fact that the white material had to offer not only strength and hardness but a capacity to preserve its colour and brilliance unaltered without permitting polymeric osmosis from the tyres of the vehicles on display or the chemical products used.
The combination of technical and aesthetic requirements guided the selection of manufactured marbles by Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, and specifically of Statuario Venato: slabs with a white background marked by rare and precious diagonal veins of grey and black. The choice turned out to be right, for the material fits perfectly into the building's design to become an essential component not only of the interior but as a connection between the outdoor and indoor environments.

Laura Puliti


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