Ontario College of Art & Design, Alsop Architects.
Toronto. 2004

Alsop Architects,

Toronto, Canada,

Art Center, University,


A big box suspended on long, thin "legs": this is OCAD, the Ontario College of Art and Design, designed by Studio Alsop in collaboration with Toronto architects Robbie, Young and Wright.

Ontario College of Art & Design, Alsop Architects. <br />Toronto. 2004 The new structure is "linked" with the building it is meant to be an addition to through an equally linear element, also parallelepiped in shape but vertical in orientation, containing stairs and elevators. This is the only point where the "precariousness" of the suspended building becomes more concrete, anchored to the more solid, stable structure below, which differs from it in colour and cladding materials.
A large, clear glass hall serves as a horizontal link and contains the college's largest exhibition hall. The hall's size is emphasised and perceived even from the outside thanks to its division into three levels.

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