OMA's The Interlace wins the first CTBUH Urban Habitat Award


Iwan Baan,

Rotterdam, Singapore,

Landscape, Sport & Wellness, Institutions,



The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) awards the first Urban Habitat Award to The Interlace, a skyscraper designed by OMA in Singapore.

OMA's The Interlace wins the first CTBUH Urban Habitat Award

The Interlace, a skyscraper designed by OMA in 2009 and about to be completed in Singapore, will be the first building to receive the Urban Habitat Award. The CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) will present the prize in the first edition of the contest at the CTBUH 13th Annual Awards Symposium on November 6 at the l'Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

The Interlace is a housing development containing units of different sizes which are combined to create a landscape rather than a tall building. The way the volumes are combined and overlapped allows the architects to create spaces for gardens and outdoor areas offering the inhabitants plenty of opportunities to interact. The judges of the Urban Habitat Award, chaired by Jeanne Gang, founder of Gang Architects, noted that the project makes creative use of the potential of the tropical environment, inverting the stereotype of the "tower in the park" and creating a "tower as a park".

(Agnese Bifulco)


Project: OMA
Partner in charge: Ole Scheeren
Associate: Eric Chang
Concept Team: Jens Eberhardt, Paloma Hernais, Benny Ho, Jaime Oliver, Hiromasa Shirai with: Benjamin Ahrens, Johannes Oesterle, Shelley Zhang
Team: Andrew Lo, Toby Wong, Erik Amir, with: Heidi Blais, David Brown, Andrew Bryant, Catarina Canas, Ben Chan, Sean Hoo Ch'ng, Wynn Chandra, Steven Y.N. Chen, Dan Cheong, Ryan Choe, Ying Chee Chui, Benjamin Claeys, Renato Juarez Corso, Sascha Daum, Jasmin Delic, Charles Gosrisirikul, Nozomi Kanemitsu, Winnie Lam, Samuel Liew, Rita Liu, Cora Lutz, Ryan Maliszewski, Luis Aguirre Manso, Sandra Mayritsch, Karine Mellet, Michelle Miller, Eugene Oh, Gabriele Pitacco, Yijun Qian, Mimi Shen, Joseph Tang, Uri Verthime, Shuo Wang, Esther Yang, Ali Yildirim, Jing Zhang

Executive Architect: RSP Architects, Planners & Engineers Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Structure and services: Arup, Beijing / RSP Architects, Planners & Engineers Pte. Ltd. and Squire Mech, Singapore
Façade: Arup, Singapore
Landscape architect: ICN Design International Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Graphic design: 2x4, New York
Project documentation: OMA, Beijing; Crystal CG, Beijing (computer renderings); Frans Parthesius, Rotterdam (architectural model photography)

Location: Singapore

Images courtesy of OMA, ph. Iwan Baan

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