OMA, Rem Koolhaas
Maison Lemoine, Floirac, France

OMA, Rem Koolhhas,


Ville, Housing,

Rem Koolhaas has built a small masterpiece in France which has immediately become well-known the world over.

OMA, Rem Koolhaas<br> Maison Lemoine, Floirac, France
He did not want the building to be a home for a disabled person. Rather, it had to be a varied and surprising universe, a creative scenario in which he would spend most of his days.
In addition to these requirements there were limits set by the planning regulations, according to which the maximum height of nine metres could not be exceeded and local materials had to be used for the outside walls.

Koolhaas took up the challenge enthusiastically, and has managed to create a genuine masterpiece. It is not by chance that it won the Time Magazine Best Design award in 1998. (Best Design of 1998 by Time magazine)
The house stands on a hill near Bordeaux and is surrounded by a garden in English style.

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