Olympic Tennis Stadium
Dominique Perrault. Madrid. 2002

Dominique Perrault,


Sport & Wellness,

Glass, Steel,

Dominique Perrault's new Olympic Stadium for the Spanish capital is a big, clear luminous box that seems to have no walls at night, revealing its interiors, its colours and the geometry of its forms.

Olympic Tennis Stadium<br> Dominique Perrault. Madrid. 2002 Simplicity appears in the materials too, prevalently three materials, giving the stadium a lightweight look which nonetheless makes its mark on the surrounding landscape. Dominique Perrault's vocabulary is constantly changing, the only constant being the freedom to come up with a different way of designing every time, reflecting on each project's natural and built surroundings.

Laura Della Badia

Pictures from: www.perraultarchitecture.com

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