Olympic Stadium. Beijing. Herzog and de Meuron. 2006

Herzog & de Meuron,

Beijing, China,

Sport & Wellness,

Cement, Metal,

The stadium that is to host the 2008 Olympics is a futuristic "interwoven" building built to a design by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron.

Olympic Stadium. Beijing. Herzog and de Meuron. 2006 Herzog and de Meuron?s architecture, with its thoughtful choice of materials and application of new building solutions, has made the project an opportunity for experimentation and research, both in the "creative" design and on the building site.
The stadium looks like a spaceship that has landed in the centre of the area that will host all the Olympic facilities, with a silent imposition and attractive gently undulating forms.
Internal routes are "marked" by slate elements with little bamboo groves, blocks of stone and covered gardens here and there.The visual impact of this architecture in which facade and structure are the same thing is surprising, despite the simplicity of the idea behind it.
Whether seen from afar or from nearby, the construction amazes us with its geometry, its design, and its interweaves, so natural and yet so complex.

Laura Della Badia


Photos: BOCOG


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