Aware of every development and innovation in architecture Floornature takes a close look at the design of buildings and office spaces where the public pass through and congregate. These are spaces where a large part of everyday life takes place, where work coincides with interpersonal relationships, in a continual exchange of information. The images in our detailed gallery highlight the original solutions created by the most famous exponents of international architecture.

Curated by Mara Corradi

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Arconati 1. Milan. Massimo Roj. 2004


Arconati 1. Milan. Massimo Roj. 2004

Efficiency and flexibility are the principal guidelines inspiring Massimo Roj's Arconati 1 project...

Dima Wellness Sports and Health Centre


Dima Wellness Sports and Health Centre

Location: Nuova Florida, Ardea (RM) - ItalyClient: Gruppo...

Castellarano Town Hall


Castellarano Town Hall

Location: Castellarano (RE) - ItalyConstruction:...

Grafton Architects<br>Office accommodation and shop for Dublin City University, 2003


Grafton Architects
Office accommodation and shop for Dublin City University, 2003

In their project for offices and shops for Dublin City University, Grafton Architects effectively...

New Fater spa offices<br> Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara


New Fater spa offices
Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara

Fater SpA's new office building, to be built in place of recently demolished old industrial...

Dunshaughlin Civic Offices<br> Grafton Architects, Ireland, 2001


Dunshaughlin Civic Offices
Grafton Architects, Ireland, 2001

The Dunshaughlin Civic Offices complex is a place of the future. Physically accessible office space...

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