Aware of every development and innovation in architecture Floornature takes a close look at the design of buildings and office spaces where the public pass through and congregate. These are spaces where a large part of everyday life takes place, where work coincides with interpersonal relationships, in a continual exchange of information. The images in our detailed gallery highlight the original solutions created by the most famous exponents of international architecture.

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Low Emission Building. 5+1Agenzia d'Architettura.<br /> Vado Ligure (Savona), Italy. 2005


Low Emission Building. 5+1Agenzia d'Architettura.
Vado Ligure (Savona), Italy. 2005

An office building constructed on the basis of the eco-compatible criteria of sustainable...

Inotera Headquarter. Taipei. Tec Architecture. 2005


Inotera Headquarter. Taipei. Tec Architecture. 2005

Colours and forms: there seem to be no limits on the imagination of the design studio responsible...

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Claude Vasconi. 2004


Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Claude Vasconi. 2004

For the new seat of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, architect Claude Vasconi has designed a...

Gregotti Associati. Lombarda Headquarters' bank.<br /> Brescia, Italy. 2004


Gregotti Associati. Lombarda Headquarters' bank.
Brescia, Italy. 2004

A cube measuring 55 metres on each side, two wings, a public courtyard and a truncated pyramid make...

Renzo Piano. Luna Rossa Base. Valencia, 2006


Renzo Piano. Luna Rossa Base. Valencia, 2006

For the 32nd Americas Cup, Renzo Piano has designed the Luna Rossa Challenger¿s operating base in...

Seewürfel - Camenzind Evolution<br />Zurich, 2002


Seewürfel - Camenzind Evolution
Zurich, 2002

"Cubes on the lake. This is a complex designed by Camenzind Evolution of Switzerland for central...

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