Offices of the Walloon Region
Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) 1995. Samyn and Partners

Samyn and Partners,


Public Buildings,

Glass, Steel,

It looks like a huge insect sleeping in the woods, or perhaps a gigantic shell, but actually it is a dome-shaped building designed by Philippe Samyn to house the offices of the Forestry Department of the Walloon Region. Synthetic, simple and monolithic, the building incorporates both natural and artificial features and is painstakingly designed down to the tiniest detail.

Offices of the Walloon Region <br> Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) 1995. Samyn and Partners The building is particularly attractive at night, thanks to the light and shadow effects that emphasise the texture of the wood and add a precious glimmer to the 1,500 panels that make up its reflective surface.
Samyn's creation with its dome shape recalls ancient Nordic traditions, and is a monolithic single space with no internal or external divisions, resolved in the simplicity of a basic form which folds back onto itself but dialogues with the exterior.
A natural ventilation system provides the air required for dehumidification in winter, and there is a series of radiating panels in the work areas.

Laura Della Badia

Credits: Ch. Bastin & J. Evrard, photos from "Materia"


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