Office, shopping and residential complex, Berlin

Offices, Residences, Sport & Wellness,

Peter Behrens¿s buildings in Germany survived the destruction of war and demolition, and have become more widely known and appreciated since the seventies.

Office, shopping and residential complex, Berlin The gap by Voltastrasse was filled in in 1995 with the Deutsche Welle broadcasting tower, 48 metres high and divided into twelve storeys: it has eight axes and is plated with klinker.
The series of deep windows and the absence of ornaments is an explicit homage to a model constructed eighty years earlier: the small engine parts building on the corner.
As the rows of windows lighting up the stairways and toilets are closely linked with the masonry (which offers massive supports for the half-columns), Kleihues decided to extend the smallest windows to the lower floors, as far as the corners of the tower.

This gives the facade a lightness that makes it appear slender, twice as tall as Behrens?s wall.

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