Octospider - Exposure Architects. Bangkok, 2004

Exposure Architects,



Glass, Cement,

Just like a "spider" it hovers on the water. It captures attention and arouses curiosity. Octospider, a "floating canteen" in Bangkok!

Octospider - Exposure Architects. Bangkok, 2004 Eight metres above ground, the landscape envelopes observers, enrapturing them, distracting them from the environment in which they were working up to only a few minutes earlier: the factory. The slim ramp stretches out, curves and turns into a gallery. It then divides into a series of branches, each with a belvedere area.Octospider seems part of the vegetation, almost an inhabitant of the pool.
Yet it does not seek to camouflage itself, far from it. The structure can be clearly seen, it asserts itself, it declares itself by its extravagant language. Yet its shape is abstractly that of a living being searching for a synergetic and unprecedented relationship with nature.
By day, the structure is mirrored in the water, reflecting the trembling image of a building in an apparent state of instability. By night, the positively exotic surroundings create an enchanted, suspended and at the same time statuesque atmosphere. The galleries light up, projecting a composition of luminous rays into the sky, and settle on the backdrop.

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