Oceanogràfic. Valencia. Civis Project. 2002

Civis Project,

Valencia, Spain,


Steel, Glass,

One of the world's most technologically advanced marine habitat structures, Oceanogràfic is also a spectacular work of architecture, whose sinuous forms and white colour clearly allude to the ocean waves.

Oceanogràfic. Valencia. Civis Project. 2002 The facility also includes reception areas, educational and research facilities and a dining area.
This structure intended to host and recreate a marine environment makes ample use of lightweight materials such as glass and aluminium. The result is apparent in the brightly lit entrance area and the spaces leading to the various halls and habitats on the exhibition route.
In formal terms, the architects wished to create a building that would be "camouflaged" in its setting, not in order to conceal or "hide" the building but to allow it to imitate the forms and colours of the sea.
Visiting Oceànografic is an exciting experience for people interested in architecture as well as those interested in the marine environment. The tall parabolas forming its profile and the effects of light, reflections and shadows created at different times of day are the product of intensive study that has made the aquarium an architectural treasure.

Laura Della Badia


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