OBRA Architects Casa Osa Costa Rica

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The holiday home designed by OBRA Architects has a measured and respectful relationship with its natural setting on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, on a little hill in the rain forest, in a panoramic position overlooking the Gulf of Dulce and the Pacific Ocean.

OBRA Architects Casa Osa Costa Rica

Guided by five essential points the architects of the OBRA Architects studio have created Casa Osa, a holiday home on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
Casa Osa has 5 pavilions, 4 of which are connected by a walkway with a covered ramp that follows the geography of the hill offering panoramic views of the surrounding rainforest, the Gulf of Dulce to the East and South and the Pacific Ocean to the West.
The holiday home has a measured and respectful relationship with its natural setting, the rain forest. Taking into account the climate conditions, the architectural solutions adopted by OBRA Architects have created residential spaces protected from the torrid summer sun and incessant winter rains. By exploiting the orography of the site , the architects have created a dynamic approach to the area: the pathway and the pavilions have different panoramic views, without favouring one in particular and the concept of an interior / exterior assumes a purely psychological connotation.
The house is open to its natural and animal setting , framing the landscape, and the birds can literally fly through it. The building method chosen is simple and flexible and creates a complex geometry for the roof, which becomes a unifying element. A ribbon follows the orography of the area and unites the various pavilions of the home.

(Agnese Bifulco)

OBRA Architects, Pablo Castro + Jennifer Lee
Project Architect: Shin Kook Kang
Project Team: Atsushi Koizumi, Patricia Bohrer, Jung Chen, Stefan Goossens, David Karlin, Doreen Lam, Sihyung Lee, Edina Nathania, Frederic Schnee, Mia Thomsen
Robert Silman Associates, Structural Engineer
Brad Shenko, Contractor
Location: Cerro Osa, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Images courtesy of OBRA Architects



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