Novo - Studio 63 Architecture + Design
Hong Kong, 2007

Studio 63 Architecture + Design,

Hong Kong,

Store, Free Time,

Bright, colourful, enthusiastic. This is the new world of Novo, the store offering the latest trends in design, fashion and technology with concept and interior design by Studio 63.

Novo - Studio 63 Architecture + Design<br />Hong Kong, 2007 The atmosphere is lively, sparkling. There is energy everywhere, as the key to interpretation of the entire project.
Novo is a big department store in Hong Kong. 3000 square metres, 30 different brands for the young. And in the middle of the store, an installation like a forest of stainless steel pipes lit up by beams of light from above.
Red is the dominant colour, perfect for Novo?s expressive force. It encloses everything, from the organic forms of the ceiling to the walls and furnishings. This is more than just a place to buy clothes. Much more: a fascinating place designed to seduce visitors with its fluidity, its colours, its magic. Making a purchase is just the next step, while the scenario that welcomes it is the fruit of a well thought-out marketing strategy.
The store?s dynamism is also expressed through use of advanced technologies. An interactive space with plasma screens where people can download their favourite music and films. An event and concert area. And of course, like any contemporary space, it has to include an internet point! "The client wanted to create a youthful, dynamic place. And so we attempted to transform the space available to us into a sort of trip, a unique experience", say the architects.
The store is divided into two main parts: an area for objects and clothing of various different brands and a central area which is the heart of the mall. Each brand has its own display space. Under the white membrane of the roof, display units have been left in neutral colours so that the red beyond the membrane and the forest of steel pipes will capture people?s attention by contrast. The entire complex?s structure is designed like a big city square: everything revolves around it. The display units also make comfortable seats. The ceiling is made of a thin white membrane pierced by organic shapes all over. Beyond this membrane "with holes in it" we can see the pipes, fire extinguishers and light fixtures, all painted red: in search of a casual, fresh, young industrial look.

Photos by Yael Pincus

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