Notre Dame de Pentecote. La Defénse. Paris. Frank Hammoutène

Frank Hammoutène,


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Conceived as a place of refuge, like an oasis where people can escape from chaotic city life and find peace and silence, Notre Dame de Pentecote Church stands on the central artery of La Defènse, right in the heart of the French capital¿s business district.

Notre Dame de Pentecote. La Defénse. Paris. Frank Hammoutène On the basis of these assumptions, the architectural set-up of the church of Notre Dame de Pentecote was based not on creation of a particular work of art, but rather on definition of a structure capable of underlining its differences from its context.
Its dimensions and the solutions adopted on the exterior of the building reveal the church?s differences with respect to the imposing buildings around it, such as the black Framatome tower.
The only element that dialogues with the exterior is the light filtering through the church?s big windows.

Hammoutene chose not to characterise the building with typical church architecture, but decided to stratify it on multiple levels.
This choice was dictated primarily by the need to avoid a strong contrast with the other buildings on La Defense.
The lower floors contain meeting spaces and green areas, while the church-square and the church itself are located on the upper levels.

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