NO wall ON Kahn

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The world of architecture is protesting against the Bangladeshi government’s decision to build a fence around Louis Kahn’s Parliament Building in Dhaka: the barrier will block the view of the architect’s masterpiece.

NO wall ON Kahn

The Bangladeshi government has decided to erect a wall around the Parliament Building (Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban) in Dhaka.
Designed by Louis I. Kahn in 1965 and completed after his death, the citadel in a city park is considered a national monument and one of the main meeting points for people in the chaotic city of Dhaka. Everyone is against the government’s decision, not only the common people but the world of architecture, afraid that the barrier will block the view of Kahn’s masterpiece, the most important project built after the foundation of the state of Bangladesh in 1971.

In reaction to the announcement the people organised “NO wall ON Kahn”, a peaceful protest march ending with the formation of a human wall around the four sides of the Parliament area.
The event took place on Friday, February 21, on International Mother Language Day, established to remember the day in 1952 when a number of students were killed by the police in Dhaka while protesting to demand recognition of their language, Bengali, as one of the two national languages of what was then Pakistan.

(Mara Corradi)


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