The contest is open to the new generations of creative artists in the disciplines of architecture, art and design who graduated since the year 2010. The registration is free of charge and must be completed online.
For the eighth edition, Next Landmark 2019, launches a competition that recognizes the contribution made by creative artists in architecture and design to a shared and evolving future, expressed through the concept of integral sustainability.

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Members of the Jury and their habitual co-workers, employees or family members up to the second degree are not eligible to enter the competition. Entrants or teams failing to meet this condition will be disqualified.

  • Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future
    Projects intended to permit regeneration of urban spaces and reclamation of abandoned structures, based on principles of sustainability and social participation and intended to improve the quality of life of the citizens involved.
  • Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future
    Buildings employing high-performing forms and materials of low-tech manufacture or design. Holistic works presenting environmental strategies suitable for the local context with a low long-term environmental impact.
  • Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future
    Architecture proposals intended to promote dignified living and/or working conditions for people and communities in a condition of particular fragility following an environmental, political or economic emergency, demonstrating easy implementation, with the participation of end users wherever possible.

After completing your registration, you will have until 01/05/2019 to access your account using the data that will be automatically e-mailed to you.
To enter the contest, you must finish uploading all the material required by the regulations.

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