Next Landmark Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future 

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The theme of the eighth edition of the international contest promoted by the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP’s architecture and design portal Floornature.com, coming up in 2019, is promotion of the ideas and visions of new generations of architects and designers for sustainable living today.

Next Landmark Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future 

The eighth edition of Next Landmark, the international contest promoted by the architecture and design portal Floornature.com, published by the IRIS CERAMICA GROUP, is coming up next year. Picking up on the theme of the event Pollution RefleAction, promoted by the Group during CERSAIE 2018, the title of the 2019 edition of the contest is “Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future. New generations of architects and designers are asked to address the theme of new projects and visions for sustainable contemporary living, competing for a prize consisting of a one-year scholarship at the SOS - School of Sustainability in Bologna, Italy, founded by architect Mario Cucinella MC A.

FICO, the world’s largest food and agriculture theme park, provided the setting for the presentation of the theme of the upcoming edition of Next Landmark at the conclusion of the awards ceremony for the 2018 edition of the contest, attended by the winners, architect Roland Baldi of the studio that bears his name in the "Hospitality Interior Design" category and architects Federico Campos and Oscar Chávez of Urbànika in the Landmark of the year 2018 category.
On the basis of the well-established formula, participation in the contest promoted by Floornature is simple and free of charge, and all operations are performed online on the contest’s website. According to the regulations, entrants have until May 1, 2019 to register and upload their projects online.
The eighth edition of Next Landmark is intended for projects with a focus on environmental and social issues envisioning a possible future in architecture. A new feature of this year’s edition is that the contest is reserved for young creative designers in the disciplines of architecture, art and design who graduated since the year 2010. Entries must be submitted individually: no group entries are allowed. The contest is open to built projects and the results of academic research (such as graduate theses), as well as independently developed projects (such as research). Moreover, projects must comply with a number of requirements, being multidisciplinary in nature and proposing “new ways of using public and urban space as an economic and environmental opportunity and for consolidating membership in a community”.
Three types of project will be admitted to the contest, all of which must comply with the key overall concepts of sustainability and improvement of the quality of life for inhabitants and/or citizens in view of the social, economic and environmental changes currently underway:
- high-performing, low-tech, low-impact buildings,
- urban regeneration and reclamation of unused constructions,
- promotion of dignified living and/or working conditions for people and communities who are at a disadvantage due to environmental, political or economic emergencies.
All entries will be judged on the basis of the parameters of originality, the relationship between humans and environment, and technical, aesthetic or conceptual innovation.

The winning project will be selected on the basis of the final decision of a panel of judges with five members representing the institutions and organisations that promote the prize, including architects Mario Cucinella of MC A ARCHITECTS and Massimo Imparato, who are respectively the founder and the director of SOS - School of Sustainability, architect Peter Di Sabatino, an associate professor at Politecnico Milano, Iris Ceramica Group CEO Federica Minozzi and architect Paolo Schianchi, a professor at Istituto Universitario Salesiano in Venice.
True to the mission of the contest, the eighth edition once again represents an opportunity for young architecture and design professionals to obtain support in their work and careers. The contest prize is a scholarship for one year of study at SOS - School of Sustainability in Bologna, Italy, founded by architect Mario Cucinella of MC A Architects, including a one-way ticket to Bologna, as well as online publication of the project in the Group’s media and a certificate attesting to selection for the top award in the NEXTLANDMARK INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2019.


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