The New Raw and 3D printing with plastic wastes

The New Raw,



“Print Your City!” is a research project currently being conducted by The New Raw architectural studio focusing on a particular application of 3D printing: re-use of plastic wastes in the design of urban spaces.

The New Raw and 3D printing with plastic wastes

3D printing can become a precious ally in reducing plastic wastes! A practical demonstration of the technology comes from the Netherlands, home of DUS architects, the studio that made the world’s first 3D printed house and has now come up with new ideas and inspiration for application of 3D printing to the design of urban spaces. 

The project is called “Print Your City!”, conducted by The New Raw in partnership with Aectual as part of the AMS Institute’s Circular City programme with the support of Tu Delft and AEB Amsterdam.

Print Your City! -3D printing in the Circular City- from The New Raw on Vimeo.

“Print Your City!” is an invitation for citizens to get involved in the collection and recycling of domestic plastic wastes. 3D printing can make these waste materials into street furnishings, produced in printing centres located close to the city centre, in a virtuous circular process that not only cuts CO2 emissions but allows citizens to play a central role. An example is the XXX bench designed for the city of Amsterdam and made out of the quantity of plastic waste produced in a year by two Amsterdam citizens (about 50 kg of plastic). The bench is made of recycled plastic and is itself 100% recyclable, and it is an object that encourages user interaction, as it can be used as a rocking chair or to find a balance together. This is only one example of what can be made, for the architects are working on designing a broader range of street furnishings for playgrounds, bus stops and recycling containers.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Concept e progetto / Concept and Design: The New Raw www.thenewraw.org
stampa 3D/ 3D printing: Aectual
Patrocinio/Patronage: AMS Institute
con il supporto di/with the support of: Technical University of Delft, AEB Amsterdam, City of Amsterdam, NRK Recycling, Rodepa Plastics
Videomaker: Mano Daniel Szollosi

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