New Politeama Theatre, Catanzaro
Paolo Portoghesi

Paolo Portoghesi,


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Project: New Politeama Theatre
Location: Catanzaro, Italy
Team: F. Squirzina, D. Bianchi, P. Brega, S. Brugnaletti , B. Castagna, M. Checchi, C. Dobbelstein, M. Duffy, R. Franchitti, O. Greco, P. Hule, C. Lomagno, G. Mancarella, E. Montone, B. Palma, G. Pellegrini, F. Tonnarini, R. Vianello.
Structures: F. Portoghesi
Construction work: 1988-2002

New Politeama Theatre, Catanzaro<br>Paolo Portoghesi Yet the recognisability of the elements corresponds to a complex interior use of space, also due to the use of naturally dynamic, curved shapes, which make it possible to constantly change perspective and fields of vision. This characteristic is accentuated by the reflecting effects created by over 300 light fixtures installed in the house: the architect also designed the lighting system, made up of 4,000 fixtures powered by a 15,000 kw switching room and using 60 km of electric wires.
It is a glittering and harmonious composition: the stalls in crimson red, five tiers of "star-studded" boxes, all seating a total audience of around 900.

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