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Nusco Porte’s new showroom is a high impact space which attracts visitors’ attention and makes a great impression, underlining the quality of the Group’s products on display in a simple setting while at the same time attracting attention to the view outside through the glass walls all around the building.

New Nusco Porte showroom The biggest challenge architect Nicola Litto faced was overcoming the “usual” idea of the exhibition space, underlining the product and its particular qualities without falling into the trap of banality, creating a particular elegant, prestigious setting that demonstrates how the company itself is evolving in its designs, internal organisation, and above all ability to create products free of aesthetic and dimensional constraints. Nusco has drawn on its experience in providing the architect with the ideas that inspired all the architectural choices in the project: simple, elegant character, comfort for customers, creation of routes which attract visitors’ attention and show the company’s products to them.
These requirements led to the choice of a floating floor made with products from Ariostea''s Universe collection and plasterboard false ceilings concealing technical installations, plasterboard walls which simply rest on the floor so as to contain doors on the inside and frames on the outside, and an energy-saving lighting system (using 20w iodide bulbs).
The result is a space capable of containing interrelated functions with elegant simplicity: in addition to the exhibition of products, the space features a round reception desk, glass box offices in minimal style, a bar corner and a lounge to create a very “relaxed”, welcoming atmosphere, all designed to permit changes to be made to the showroom without having to revise its entire structure.
Night Blue raised flooring with a High Honed finish from Ariostea’s Universe collection was chosen for its ability to create space with specific functions which could be flexible and modifiable over time; this is permitted by the freedom to move technical installations and of course by the product’s technical and aesthetic qualities, which are perfect for its intended use.
This fully responds to the customer’s need for a material that would respond to strictly technological features such as mechanical resistance and resistance to wear, easy cleaning and choices linked with the aesthetic qualities desired for the exhibition space, the primary purpose of which is to enhance the products on display. Ariostea materials are the perfect response to the need to keep noise levels low, resist the wear caused by heavy pedestrian traffic, and provide an elegant appearance in a material that accompanies the visitor along the exhibition route with simplicity.

NUSCO porte Spa
S.S. 7 bis, km 50,500
80035 Nola (NA), Italy
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