New Fater spa offices
Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara

Massimiliano Fuksas,

Abruzzo, Pescara,

Companies, Offices, Headquarters,



Fater SpA's new office building, to be built in place of recently demolished old industrial buildings in Pescara, will make a contribution to the architectural and social redevelopment of this part of the city. It will be a lightweight building with a complex structure composed of two overlapping volumes.

New Fater spa offices<br> Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara The contrast between the horizontality of the L-shaped body and the vertical development of the volume above it give the complex a unique dynamism, accentuated by the slight detachment created by the empty terrace. The terrace will include a series of paths and wide open spaces for relaxation and socialisation. The sixth floor, more than twenty metres above the ground, will be occupied by a large pool of water crossed by wooden walkways.
Service areas, lifts, the stairwell and the plants will be contained in the building's innermost core so that they do not compromise the visible outer configuration of the complex. The building is designed to be completely self-sufficient, incorporating reception and dining areas, and will be operated as a single unit where more than 300 people will work.

To ensure interaction with the world outside and the marine landscape, there will be paths running around all sides of the complex, which will be clad partly in natural materials such as wood and stone.

Laura Della Badia

Interview with Massimiliano Fuksas
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