New Dainese Logistics Centre. Vicenza. Silvia Dainese. 2006

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Dainese (a manufacture of motorcycle clothing and accessories) has built industrial buildings in an industrial zone near Vicenza that demonstrate how architecture can express a company's image through repeated references to its products.

New Dainese Logistics Centre. Vicenza. Silvia Dainese. 2006 The complex designed by architect and designer Silvia Dainese includes an automated warehouse, a building linking the new construction with the old ones, and a showroom. The warehouse roof clearly alludes to the company's line of business: it is made of rusted zinc, as if to imitate the material used in motorcyclists' suits. And the building linking the new warehouse with the existing constructions looks like the 'accordion folds' used at the joints of motorcyclists' clothes.
The emphasis in the design is on contrast between squared-off volumes, such as the outside of some of the buildings, and sinuous spaces such as the interiors in customer and staff areas.
The parallelepiped with 2 splayed sides is the warehouse, resting on a concrete base about 2 metres high, for automated robot-operated storage. The cement base is intentionally left rough, with an irregular texture, like a "root" of the building emerging out of the ground and contrasting with the building's perfectly smooth, opaque skin.

The load-bearing structure is made of steel, but it is clad in insulated panels and plates of zinc-titanium alloy with a dark slate grey surface patina.The connecting building is about 57 metres long, with a maximum height of 12 metres and a load-bearing structure consisting of a series of 5 arches of various heights made with steel profiles. Here the cladding is concave, with a double skin painted black.

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