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The Pinakothek der Moderne, the most recent of Munich¿s three art galleries, has been open to the public since September 16, 2002.

New, beautiful, and already an issue After about ten years of construction work, the museum which architect Stephan Braunfels refers to as a 'Low-Budget-Product' [it cost only 169 million Euro] has finally been opened.
A very low budget project indeed in comparison with the city?s new football stadium, designed by the Swiss team of Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the architects who built London?s Tate Modern, expected to cost about 280 million Euro.
In its first year the Pinakothek welcomed about 1.2 million visitors. 100,000 people showed up in the first two days after its opening.
In the first week (when admission was free) 300,000 visitors came.

It now costs nine Euro to get into the museum, but the flow of visitors has not stopped. Art and architecture lovers file through the rooms designed by Braunfels. In the beginning of November the Bavarian Minister of Culture officially greeted the museum?s 500,000th visitor. About five thousand visitors now tour the museum every day ? up to fifteen thousand on Saturdays and Sundays.

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