Nevada Art Museum. Reno (USA). Will Bruder Architects

Will Bruder Architects,

Reno, USA,

Museums, Art Center,


Curved on one side, linear and angular on the other: Will Bruder Architects' Nevada Museum of Art building is a new urban icon as well as a complex, flexible exhibition space.

Nevada Art Museum. Reno (USA). Will Bruder Architects The building stands out for its black covering, which seems to isolate it from its surroundings, inviting the visitor to concentrate on admiring the works of art it contains. And it is the building's covering that links it with the natural landscape of Nevada, in both its colour and the look of the material.
Most of the ground floor is taken up by an entrance hall enclosed with clear glass walls surrounding a red volume. The ground floor is also used for cultural events and meetings, with a theatre, a coffee-shop and a museum bookshop. Visitors set off from here to the rooms on the building's other floors via a central staircase of cement and steel.

The interiors, illuminated from above, seem to be hewn out of the volume of the building, and their complex form creates a continuous play of volumes and chiaroscuro effects.
These echoes of light and shadow are created by skylights made of translucent glass that filter natural light to create different effects at different times of day. The building's external structure is reflected in the organisation and definition of its interior space and in the variety of solutions used in the building's finishes.


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