Nautilus Office Complex

Paolo and Francesco Bandiera,





Location: Treviso, Italy
Client: C.E.V. Spa
Project date: September 2001 - February 2003
Construction date: March 2003 - September 2004
Architects: Paolo and Francesco Bandiera Architects

Nautilus Office Complex Nautilus Office Complex is an office complex and shopping centre located in an anonymous suburb of the city of Treviso.
Given the lack of particular interest in the surroundings, architects Paolo and Francesco Bandiera aimed to design a building that would stand out from its anonymous context not only in its compositional vocabulary, but also for the redeeming message and content of a well thought out architectural project.

Personality and dynamism are the keys to this project constructed in Italy's Veneto region. The building's corporate and representational role is expressed through precise juxtaposition of volumes, creating a strong impression which seems to give the area a shake and awaken it from the monotony of the surrounding landscape.

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