National Marine Aquarium - Plymouth Lacey Hickie Caley

Lacey Hickie Caley,



Steel, Glass,

From the conception of its external forms to the definition of internal routes, the National Marine Aquarium project has been inspired by a single principle: evoking the characteristics of the marine environment and of its principal element, water.

National Marine Aquarium - Plymouth Lacey Hickie Caley The use of glass and wood reveal how the most important goal in the choice of materials was creating a structure evoking the world of water both on the outside and in the finishes inside. Thus transparency and light weight became the primary characteristics of the building, whose sinuous forms and use of wood recall a huge boat.

The construction of the National Marine Aquarium responded not only to the need to construct an aquarium of national importance but to the need for architectural intervention in Plymouth?s main bay.
The location of the aquarium, between the fish market and the coastline next to a new square, makes it an important landmark in both functional and architectural terms, with the power to revitalise the area surrounding it.


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