Nardini Distilleries - Massimiliano Fuksas. Bassano del Grappa

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Fuksas himself calls them "bubbles", and in fact the two glass structures built by the Roman architect for Nardini look like two drops of the traditional grappa made in the Bassano distillery.

Nardini Distilleries - Massimiliano Fuksas. Bassano del Grappa This old medieval town in the Veneto is an unlikely setting for a very particular work falling somewhere in between design and architecture the fruit of the imagination of Massimiliano Fuksas, an architect famous for his futuristic creations.
The two glass bubbles, seemingly an allusion to the distillery's stills, are the above-ground portion of the structure housing the new expansion of the distillery. One of the two bubbles contains a testing laboratory, while the other is a multi-functional hall. The two ellipsoidal forms are made of 360 forms of laminated glass curved in two directions.
The two structures stand in a large green area, and a grass-covered stairway leads to the underground levels where the auditorium is located. The entire project is designed to fit into the surrounding environment without requiring any trees to be cut down or any reduction in green space, and seems to play with its environment in a continuous exchange of reflections between the glass surfaces and the pools of water at its base.

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