MVRDV, Double House Utrecht

MVRDV, Winy Maas,

Utrecht, Netherlands,

Housing, Ville,

Wood, Cement,

Architects: De Architectengroep loerakker rijnboutt ruijssenaars hendriks van gameren mastenbroek bv: Bjarne Mastenbroek, with Floor Arons and Michiel Raaphorst
MVRDV: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries with Mike Booth, Joost Glissenaar
Structures: ABT Velp
Client: Koek - Wesseling Families
Country: The Netherlands
Location: Utrecht, Koningslaan
Project date: 1995-1997
Project size: 300 m2

MVRDV, Double House Utrecht The project was originally conceived in cross section.
The original idea was a simple vertical subdivision of the volume of the lot; but step by step, the homes gradually intersected, tied together in a box of glass and wood.

In the end, spaces were interwoven without blending together, borders were shifted floor by floor, and alignments were exchanged until the architects settled on this final solution.
The dividing wall between the two apartments weaves back and forth like a snake, stretching the possibilities of reinforced concrete to their limit.

Flores Zanchi

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