MVRDV: De Silodam, Amsterdam, 1995-2002



Sport & Wellness, Store,

The wharf along Amsterdam's Ij river offers views of an immense housing complex with a truly unusual appearance: the famous Silodam designed by Dutch architects MVRDV in 1995.

MVRDV: De Silodam, Amsterdam, 1995-2002 In order to meet the needs of individual clients, apartments were grouped into "mini-neighbourhoods" with safe, comfortable spaces. Each group includes four to eight units and has its own access responding to specific needs; all apartments have an entrance hall, a corridor, a balcony, a garden and a patio.
Each neighbourhood represents a specific type of dwelling, structure and facade; they are independent of one another, creating a complex system of passageways criss-crossing the entire building.
As the network of pathways combines with work areas and gardens, the result is a vertically arranged neighbourhood in which individual apartments take on the characteristics of houses with their own gardens.

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