Musical production centre in Rome

Architetti Associati A. Sannino & L. Sagliocco,


Offices, Companies,


Glass, Cement, Porcelain Tile,


Location: Rome, Italy
Design: Architetti Associati A. Sannino & L. Sagliocco
Structures: Sarti Ingegneria
Acoustic Consulting Services: Design Limited Francis Manzella
Electrical System: Studio Corelli
Climate Control System: Studio Garelli
Assistant: Arch. Silvia Frezza
Builder: Trikona di Alberto Santi
Materials used: GranitiFiandre Luminar Optosilver

Musical production centre in Rome The Musical production centre and offices designed by Architetti Associati
A. Sannino & L. Sagliocco stand on the edge of a large residential neighbourhood featuring plenty of greenery and single-family dwellings.
"We wanted to create an intimate space for the artists which respected the surrounding environment,? explain the architects,?and so we created the space
by taking advantage of the difference in the level of the terrain.
The building is almost entirely underground, covered by a garden roof which
is visible to the observer on two sides only"

The entrance façade has large windows scanned by reinforced concrete pillars covered with steel grey porcelain stoneware, while the interiors are organised into two separate areas in response to the client?s need to combine creative work with management and reception facilities.

Routes inside the building are marked by large walls covered with steel grey Luminar slabs with strong tactile and visual impact by GranitiFiandre,
the reflective surface of which is marked by a continuous series of concentric circular engravings, the product of a particular process applied to technical porcelain stoneware.
Luminar creates an unusual bright 3D look reminiscent of old vinyl records, a highly evocative element in this context.
The spacious entrance hall where artists can relax and have a snack links the different parts of the recording centre, defined by airy, fluid space.
White prevails in the office area and meeting room, where the furniture is also white, but with chrome-plated steel structures.
The working creative areas are more intimate spaces, in which the warm hues
of oak are combined with the neutral hues of special fabrics.

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