MUSIC CAFFE'in Borgo San Lorenzo

Tiziana Zagnoni , Claudio Regazzo,




Location:Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy
Construction:ILTEC srl
Architects:Tiziana Zagnoni and Claudio Regazzo
Materials used:Porcelaingres MO.DE collection

MUSIC CAFFE'in Borgo San Lorenzo The MUSIC CAFFE' project in Borgo San Lorenzo by ILTEC srl, designed by architects Tiziana Zagnoni and Claudio Regazzo, aimed to achieve an adequate balance between the need to create a place ennobled by use of valuable materials with the building’s purely industrial structure and location.
The basic idea inspiring the project was to make the ceiling and the floor the dominant, complementary elements in the design.
The ceiling was finished with Telo Barrisol lacquered with a gentian blue finish, allowing installation of all utilities without affecting the masonry.
Polycarbonate parallelepipeds covered with Telo Barrisol Translucent Blanc Venus with a removable structure permitting the necessary maintenance work to be performed on the indoor lighting system were positioned at a distance of about twenty centimetres from the ceiling.
The floor was paved with tiles made by PORCELAINGRES, the German brand in the GranitiFiandre group.

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