Museum Jean Tinguely, Mario Botta

Mario Botta,

Switzerland, Basel,


Cement, Steel,

Architect: Mario Botta.
Client: F. Hoffmann-La Roche S.A., Basel
Location: Grenzacherstrasse 210, Solitudepark, 4002 Basel, Switzerland
tel.: (0041) 61 681 93 20
fax: (0041) 61 681 93 21
E-mail: infos@tinguely.ch
site: www.tinguely.ch
Date : 1993 -96.
Building materials: reinforced concrete, steel, pink Alsatian limestone, zinc-titanium corrugated sheet metal, glass

Museum Jean Tinguely, Mario Botta On the opposite side, the façade facing onto the park opens up to project the five aisles out of doors, surmounted by fused truss beams forming a deep glassed-in portico which establishes the relationship between the museum interior and the green park. The northern façade, parallel to Grenzacherstrasse, has a closed wall marked by a cylindrical volume containing a stairway and a cantilever roof resting on a low wall which identifies the main entrance to the museum, with access through openings in the building's walls to the portico in which the entrance to the exhibition halls is located. And finally, the southern façade, facing onto the river, projects an elongated volume set diagonally to the outer wall of the building which is suspended above the bank of the Rhine; a glassed-in curved walkway called "the boat" which, incorporated in the route through the museum, obliges the visitor to "exit" the museum for a moment to look at the river and the landscape across the Rhine before returning to a higher level on a balcony overlooking the great hall.
Botta's massive architecture, in contrast with the movement and cacophony of Tinguely's mechanical works, successfully solves the difficult problem of providing a setting for the sculptures and preserving them, when the sculptor might actually have preferred them to be exhibited out of doors, as eloquent symbolic ruins of the machine age.


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