Murray O Laoire Architects, GMIT (Mayo Institute of Technology). Galway, 2003

Factories, Sport & Wellness, Libraries,

Cement, Glass,

Mayo Institute of Technology recently renewed its campus in the Irish city of Galway, on the Atlantic coast, adding a new building to the prefabricated concrete one constructed in the '70s.

Murray O Laoire Architects, GMIT (Mayo Institute of Technology).  Galway, 2003 The building of greatest architectural interest is the one housing the library. Its perimeter is marked by the copper wall on one side, and made of clear glass on the other two. Its trapezoidal layout is a response to specific needs for lighting, facilitating the flow of light into the reading rooms. The roof is also made of glass, for the same reason.

Glass and copper are therefore the materials characterising the new building, used to cover or define its most readily visible parts.
The reflective capacity of copper and its iridescent hues are contrasted with glass, so that its transparency emphasises the contrast suggested by the form of the walls covered in these two materials.

The building is linked with the other parallelepiped containing the classrooms by a cement wall; here too, the choice of materials emphasises transition to an area with a different function and different requirements, characterised by different architectural qualities.

Laura Della Badia

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