Multifunctional Complex
Banca Popolare di Lodi

Renzo Piano,


Offices, Banks,

Porcelain Tile, Glass,

A large homogenous façade, two side wings, a flexible structure of steel and glass covering the inner plaza: these are the outstanding features of the multifunctional complex in Lodi built by Renzo Piano to house the head branch of the Banca Popolare.

Multifunctional Complex <br>Banca Popolare di Lodi The complex, named Bipielle Center, is covered with modular terracotta panels, stands on about 90,000 square metres of land and consists of an auditorium measuring over 4,000 square metres, 24,500 square metres of office space and a 1,800 square metre covered plaza.
The complex not only renews the city's image but responds to the need for aesthetic and functional redevelopment of the area across from the railway station.
In 1991, the Institute appointed Renzo Piano to design its new offices, expressing two essential requirements: advanced technology and integration into the urban context.
The location chosen was an unused industrial area (31,000 square metres) which was previously the site of the Polenghi Lombardo cheese dairy, in a transitional area between the railway station and the city centre, a strategic location.
This location also inspired Renzo Piano's decision to "bring" the city toward the construction rather than the other way around, creating a large inner plaza and a big parking lot.

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