Mortensrud Church, Jensen & Skodvin. Oslo. 2002

Jensen & Skodvin,


Churches & Cemeteries,

Stone, Glass,

Jensen & Skodvin used a place of worship on a hill not far from Oslo as an opportunity to experiment with the complex relationship between architecture and landscape, with respect for the existing context and the topography of the site.

Mortensrud Church, Jensen & Skodvin. Oslo. 2002 Steel, stone and glass are the key materials in the project: lightweight, natural, visually "permeable" materials.
The architects have even attempted to make stone transparent, assembling it without mortar so that little gaps between the stones let light through and create evocative shadows inside the church. The facade of the church is given a very unusual look by the irregularity of the stone on three sides of the building.
The construction is supported by steel plates set one metre apart, a solution also applied to the glass facades surrounding the walls. The building is in fact accompanied by a glass facade set at a variable distance from the stone wall, creating a pleasant walkway.
The result is a religious building distant from the stereotypes of sacred architecture which conveys a message of respect and harmony in its appearance.

Laura Della Badia

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