Morimoto restaurant, Karim Rashid, Philadelphia, 2001

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Morimoto is not a conventional Japanese restaurant. It's a long way from the usual aseptic minimalist style; it's more like an internationally trendy spot, a dynamic place intended to offer one surprise after another.

Morimoto restaurant, Karim Rashid, Philadelphia, 2001 On the mezzanine, reached via a metal staircase by the reception desk, there is a lounge area where VIP customers can dine in a more intimate setting with a view over the rest of the restaurant through sinuously curved openings.
Rashid did not alter the unusual geometry of the site (a rectangle measuring 60 metres long, 7 metres high and only 8 metres wide) but decided to cover the restaurant's interior walls with soft, organic volumes contrasting with the rigid grid formed by the table dividers in the centre of the room.
Rashid used the same computer modelling process he used for the furniture to design stucco walls which protrude by over 50 centimetres to form a wavy ribbon running the entire length of the restaurant halfway up the walls. The ceiling, animated by a wavy bamboo surface, and the floors accentuate the dynamism of the space and create a sensation of being inside a long pulsating tunnel.

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