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Krakow, Poland,

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The new Mocak Contemporay Art Museum in Krakow opened on November 16 with an exhibition about Claudio Nardi, who designed the museum with Leonardo Maria Proli.

Mocak - ARCHITECTURE FOR SENSITIVE LIVES The new museum in Krakow designed by Claudio Nardi and Leonardo Maria Proli stands on the site of the former Schindler factory. The area’s industrial vocation provided one of the guidelines for the project. The characteristic shed roofs on the heritage buildings are reflected in the logo and become one of the key ideas behind the project. On the side facing the road, the museum with its winding paths and succession of exhibition pavilions is concealed by a 10 metre high wall of rough industrial cement. The dark cement fibre roof and the shed roof of zinc-titanium bring the old buildings and the new pavilions together in a single organism which is not monolithic but diffuse, transparent, permeable, and part of an evolving and changing urban area. The opening exhibition features videos, words and sounds about projects, ideas and works by Claudio Nardi in Poland, Italy and the rest of the world, presented in an installation designed by Nardi himself.

Design: Claudio Nardi with Leonardo Maria Proli
Location: Krakow, Poland


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