MKPL Architects, SkyPark


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The presence of large gardens on several levels is one of the distinctive features of the skyscraper designed by MKPL architectural studios in Singapore.

MKPL Architects, SkyPark
A “bungalow in the sky” is the concept the architects of MKPL came up with for the SkyPark project, a new interpretation of "tropical" architecture adapted to today?s requirements and the need to conserve land.

The skyscraper stands in a privileged location on Orchard Road in Singapore, and the presence of gardens on different levels makes it different from similar buildings around it.

To get to the apartments one must pass through the luxuriant garden on the terrace, creating the illusion of being on the ground floor. Each apartment is organised on two levels, with the living room on the lower level continuing into the garden.
Because of the greenery outside, the two levels of the apartment are set back from the façade: a simple, eco-sustainable solution for creating a comfortable home in Singapore?s hot, damp climate.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: MKPL Architects
Location: Singapore
Photographs: Albert K.S. Lim



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