MKPL Architects, Pool By The Woods


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The pool designed by MKPL architects is part of a master plan for construction of housing and other facilities supporting Singapore National University.

MKPL Architects, Pool By The Woods
The pool, designed by MKPL Architects, was built near a nature park on a tiled surface which was in the past occupied by an amphitheatre. The architects themselves proposed this project in a degraded part of the Kent Vale housing development in order to transform it into a pleasant place for residents and students to enjoy.

The project makes use of simple, inexpensive materials, as in the wall made of plants and simple galvanised metal mesh which gives the pool its name, "Pool by the woods", proposed by the architects themselves.
In this residential neighbourhood, the architects decided to use prefabricated concrete panels (for the dressing rooms and flowerbeds) and a steel structure for the horizontal surfaces (floors and roof) to permit rapid construction without disturbing neighbourhood residents too much.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: MKPL Architects
Location: Singapore
Photographs: Albert K.S. Lim