Milano Santa Giulia.
Foster and Partners. 2005

Norman Foster,


Landscape, Residences,


A city within a city, projected into the future and designed to meet the needs of the people who live there: Milano Santa Giulia is an "ideal city" designed by Norman Foster and commissioned by Risanamento S.p.A., the Zunino Group company that currently owns the property.

Milano Santa Giulia.<br> Foster and Partners. 2005 Foster's idea was to develop the project around the old power plant of the Montedison factory, which has become the Power House that now houses the model of the Santa Giulia project.

The project will cost more than 1 billion euros and may be divided into 3 macroareas: the Rogoredo area, Zomìna Montecity residential zone and the Montecity Avenue area. Work on the first two areas will begin in 2005 and last about 4 years, but the complex as a whole will not be ready before 2010. The great 600 metre long "Avenue" will be lined with residences, service facilities, commercial spaces, and treed areas with fountains and playgrounds. Behind this system offices and hotels will form courtyards, piazzas and gardens, as well as a church dedicated to St. Giulia, with a big piazza of its own.
The intention is to create sophisticated, polyhedric architectural spaces featuring public artworks, paintings and installations such as Arnaldo Pomodoro's sculpture in the Zunino collection.

The project will enjoy a favourable combination of size, location and transportation infrastructures, as the area is not only close to road and rail links and the airport but has open countryside close at hand. The goal of this modern, functional development is to combine all the services of the big city with the charms of a tranquil residential area offering plenty of free space.

Laura Della Badia

Biography of Norman Foster

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