Milan. Fiat Café La Triennale. Michele De Lucchi. 2004

Michele De Lucchi,




Architecture, cars and design are the focus of the new space designed by Michele De Lucchi in the Triennale garden.

Milan. Fiat Café La Triennale. Michele De Lucchi. 2004 Style is the key element in this original new space, linking the tradition of the Triennale with De Lucchi's new creation.
Designed with great sensibility and balance, the Fiat Café is characterised by wooden structures: consistent extensions of the exhibition spaces inside the building, with a special touch added by oversized chairs.
The courtyard containing the café has seen many changes in fortune over the years, from the splendour of the thirties and the fifties to the decay and abandonment of recent years. Access to the park was inexplicably denied for many years, so that the sumptuous entrance hall ceased to exist.
Now, with the aid of this new space, the Triportico has been made public once again, ready to be set up as an open-air exhibition space.
The Triportico is well worth discovering: a highly scenic corner which Muzio used as the stage for his Teatro delle Arti Applicate Italiane, hosting De Chirico's I Bagni Misteriosi.
De Lucchi's work is a pergola resting on a large platform which is nothing more than an extension of the original stage. It is all made out of discrete, respectful wood, like the access stairway and the high wall protecting it from the invasive presence of the place next door.
The long bar and tables are also made of wood, while the chairs, based on the formula used in Coffee Design inside the Triennale, are all different, though they are all the same colour: white.

Laura Della Badia

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