Milan, City of cultures. David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield,





David Chipperfield¿s project to reclaim the Ansaldo ex-industrial area, is the fruit of an international competition organised by Milan City Council in 1999.

Milan, City of cultures. David Chipperfield This square will be a king of great hall through which the public move towards the different exhibition spaces ma  The spaces will be accessible without necessarily having to enter the museums.
The walls are made of a double layer of translucent glass, house the system of walkways and will also be used as a projection screen and to display the museum collections.

As well as this transparent heart, the work is also characterised by the decision to preserve the original character of the pre-existing buildings and especially those linked to an industrial function, such as the metal shutters and the use of concrete for the floors.
From an architectural point of view, the solutions adopted are extremely flexible, in order to allow the structure to adapt to the needs and functions of the different environments.
The work has a total surface area of around 36 thousand square metres.

Laura Della Badia


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